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Saturday, January 10, 2009


COVER...This new book cover was ready to be publish, but the translation not complete yet!

ONE prime media very enthusiastic to interview me regarding Illegal Immigrant.They call me up to 20 times. I was given five question to be answer. But until today my answer were not published. Just guest why? Proverb said, don't judge the book by it's cover but for me the right proverb is , DON'T COVER THE BOOK BY IT JUDGE!

Question: 1. When did you first hear about IC Palsu?

MUTALIB: After Yusof Jamlee elected as ADUN Lahad Datu some time 1994, I was appointed as Public Relation Officer for him. At the same time I am Free Lance journalist and find out that so many people come to see me ask for help to check their IC status and I found out so many of them are PTI and holding dubios IC. According to them NRD officer, Paimin Paiman (deceased) giving or help them to apply that IC to eligible them to be roll as UMNO members and voters. During my investigation, I found out that majority Silam UMNO members are PTI holding IC Palsu. I apply Sun Tzu Ping Fa theory to topple down UMNO Head, Datuk Railey Jeffrey and make the way for my boss Yusof Jamlee to be new Silam UMNO Division head by practicing "Borrow the arrow" (PTI using fake IC) as weapon to win the battle against Railey. When I was appointed as executive secretary for UMNO Silam, I deal with so many umno members who only had receipt ic without able to change their receipt to KPT. I initiate the task to change their receipt or old IC to new KPT with NRD cooperation. Almost 10,211 members turn up, but only 180 person manage to change their old IC or receipt to KPT. The wrest are CONFIRM PTI! Then I tender my resignation on April 1, 1997 and become full time professional writer and free lance journalist.

2. What did you subsequently find out in connection with the fake IC? In your opinion, who started it in a big scale and for what reasons?

MUTALIB: There are "God Hand" behind that especially NRD officer who use the situation to 'CARI MAKAN' as they are protected by politician and PTI who really need a piece of 'MIRACLE PAPER' to become FIRST CLASS CITIZEN who can vote and get sharing power by joining UMNO, doesn't matter the old IC number given to them by NRD personnel are serial number for condom or bar cod for liquor! As well they got the paper which carrier the NRD chop, signature of NRD officer they are FREE to go anywhere in SABAH like their GOD FATHER or NENEK MOYANG country. After few hundred accepted as UMNO members, the follower are grown like mushroom in rainy season. During 1986, after Dr Mahathir took the MAGIC STICK from Tun Hussien, they start recruiting PTI from Philippine and Indonesian as Malaysian Citizen under Berjaya supervision to balance the population growth in local tribes as Kadazandusunmurut. Their own agenda is to RARE are VOTERS TO BE HIRE during election time to topple any government who THE BOSS don't like. HIDDEN POLITICAL AGENDA initiate by Megat Junid Megat Ayub show influx of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT who now REVERSE TOOK OVER UMNO Sabah since 1991.

3. There is no single source than can specifically state the number of illegals in Sabah? In your opinion , how many are there in Sabah now and where are most of them from and what has brought to Sabah and by whom and for whom?

MUTALIB: Number is just only number. PTI is not a coconut tree which are stagnant at one place unless remove or being chop. The number is not important but their existence in Sabah are TO DANGEROUS for IMMATURE SABAHAN who are always become a donkey or scapegoat by AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT. You can mention any number, but when you visit big plantation who using the as KUNTA KINTE or slavery are not dangerous compare who already REVERSE TOOK OVER UMNO SABAH as their second home! They are coming day by day through front or back door who are to loose control by all authority so called GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT who are become a real culprit. Politician using them as FIXED DEPOSIT to gain support and POWER!

4. According to reports, many children of illegal immigrants have been born in Sabah. Should they be made citizens of Malaysia so that they would enjoy facilities like schooling and working and not become a community of uneducated people without jobs,etc?

MUTALIB: Better use my terminology. These people are TURTLE CITIZEN who protected by UNHCR (Philippine) and UMNOCITES. Malaysian declare them as FLOATING CITIZEN and using them as READY MADE CITIZEN without lay a lot of cost. I not agree to make them as citizen because they are like EAGLE EGG to be hatch by CHICKEN. The Chicken generation will be in dangerous because the EAGLES still EAGLES neither hatch by Chicken or any mean and cannot become Chicken otherwise cannot fly because HE think HE is CHICKEN! In my personal opinion they should send to CROCODILE FARM as food or train them as plantation workers without pay!

5. In your own view, what is the best way to resolve the problems of illegal immigrants in Sabah, apart from deporting them back to their countries of origin,etc?

MUTALIB: Deporting them are USELESS. Wasting public money. The authority who responsible deporting them back should be COURT MARSHALL and shoot dead as traitor to the country. You send morning, at noon he smile to you at your DOORSTEP! He can be IN or OUT at any time or stay in Sabah for how long he want without fear and favour. The temporary detention centre are the PLACE TO RARE VOTERS or READYMADE CITIZEN to be hire in time to come. We are working hard for the nation, instead of that the AUTHORITY like NRD, IMMIGRATION, POLICE FORCE are FLAVOURING, ICING AND NOURISHING PTI with so many terminology like IMM 13 and PR. Which ever place got patrolling by this FORCE are easy for them and use it as LEGAL DOOR to enter Sabah by giving RM30-RM50 per head! As easy as you book a prostitute!....


Anonymous said...

"In my personal opinion they should send to CROCODILE FARM as food or train them as plantation workers without pay!"...Mr. Mutalib, everyone have a right to live..manusia dijadikan bukan untuk dibunuh atau dijadikan hamba oleh manusia lain.sya memahami kebencian saudara terhadap PTI, tetapi janganlah shingga membuat kenyataan keterlaluan semacam ini..

Mutalib MD said...

he he that is my personal opinion. In china, PTI to be executed by shooting infront of public. If they are human they must obey the law and respect the law. By the way thanks for your kind comment.