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Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Anonymous said...

I think you are too conservative. Why most of your writing only against the illegal from Philippines only. in fact they is a fact that :

i. People from China :- Got I.C but cannot speaks single malay ( a lot of them.

You know your agenda is out of the purposed. You seems scared about many muslim in Sabah. Do you?

Mutalib MD said...

He he you need to read my books. what ever posting here are free. after detail investigation, i will publish a book. I investigate the clandistine 50,000 China and 30,000 Indian missing from Malaysia after their not renew thier visa. Cannot trace? Donnt worry, I am Muslim. But It is worth to call your selve Muslim but uncivilised when your enter another muslim country without permit or visa and use back door ti get document? Very shamfull to be a Muslim is behaviour like pirate! Thank for your comment. tq